How To: Tie the Slatt's Rescue Belt knot design

Tie the Slatt's Rescue Belt knot design

In this video TIAT shows you how to make a rescue belt. Begin by making a basic knot in the center, holding that knot on the top of your ring finger and between your thumb begin making loops. To create these loops extend the strand to the right side of the knot straight out parallel to your thumb, with your right hand curl the yarn first up, than forward, than back down forming a circle that you slid over your thumb. Take the tail of the cord and pull it snug. Repeat these circular loops until you have 4 of them on your thumb. Carefully slide this to the end of your thumb holding the loops at the bottom. With the next loop create a circle just like you did before, but let it be larger and at the outside of the loop on the very right side, slide it through and then manipulate the cord from the strand to your right and loop you have just pulled through until all four loops on the base chain are evenly spaced and snug. Draw up 3 loops, 1 between each of the 4 loops on the beginning section, be sure to leave some loop on the left side of your work (pull most of the yarn from your right hand tail). Curve these 3 loops clockwise right side over left side and than make another circular loop with the cord from the tail to your right and bring this through these 3 loops, plus the first loop on the left, so that only 1 loop remains to the left of the work. Adjust the work by tightening the piece, as before. Draw up 3 loops again getting the cord from the tail of cord to your right and repeat curving them clockwise. Make another loop to pull through the 3 fresh loops plus the extra left to the left of the work. This weaving continues until you have the length. On the final row, cut the cord and weave a straight piece through the 3 plus 1 loops, adjusting as before from left to right. Leave it open and use as a belt. This belt can be unraveled for an emergency rope as needed.

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