How To: Tie Pendant knots

Tie Pendant knots

In this tutorial from the TyingItAllTogether Channel, you can learn how to make double and quadruple looped pendent knots. These knots are commonly found in Celtic designs. Once you learn how to create these knots, you can use them in arts and crafts projects for necklaces or bracelets. To begin, the double looped knot is done by taking a piece of rope and folding it in half, allowing the two sides to be next to each other. With one side of the rope, loop it around the other side of the rope, bringing it back around to the front, almost like tying a pretzel shape. With the end of the chord, you will loop it back into one of the loops. An additional series of loops, will yield the double looped knot. The quadruple looped knot starts off very similarly to the double, except that you are using a series of four loops knotted through to create the finished knot. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this video tutorial to learn how to make a double or quadruple Celtic knot.

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I would like to know how to tie a decorative Celtic Shield knot ( four corners) in a tassel design. Please help as I found all the design very interesting.

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