How To: Tie the Basket Weave decorative knot

Tie the Basket Weave decorative knot

In this tutorial, we learn how to tie the Basket Weave decorative knot. First, hook your string to a hook, then tie a loop that is wide. After this, bring the strings to the top and make a heart shape. Now, twist the two loops on the side and twist them around each other. Now, bring the right string through the right loop and up through the left. Do this for the left string except using the opposite loops. When you are finished, pull on this tightly and release the string from the hook. Make sure the knot is firm, then enjoy your basket weave knot!

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Wow, I love your tutorials! Just found them today and can't wait to go out and get some rope to try out some knots. Your music, clear instructions, and allowance for plenty of time to follow what you are doing are great. I'm hooked!

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