How To: Embroider on Fleece Like an Expert

Embroider on Fleece Like an Expert

Fleece is an interesting and versatile fabric -- but what kind of stabilizer should you use? What kind of needle, and what type of embroidery design? All the mysteries of fleece are revealed in this embroidery video tutorial! Learn how to embroider on fleece like an expert with these helpful tips.

If you can't view the video below, you can download the WMV file.

There's also an updated version of this video from Embroidery Library below.

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I love all the videos on How-to and U-tube, I dont think I will ever want to Twitter. I think fleece should be handle like terry cloth with a stabilizer and a topper. It is so soft and cushion-like and there is a heat away and tear away that wont damage the fabrics.

Hi, your video on embroidery on fleece is not loading. Would love to be able to view it. Thanks

Just added a download link for you, as well as an updated version of their video on YouTube.

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