How To: Get a loose drawstring back into clothing

Get a loose drawstring back into clothing

If you're drawstring fell out, it may seem like the end of the world, but take a deep breath -- it's possible to put back in!

Don't sweat it when the drawstring in your favorite sweatpants gets yanked out in the washing machine. It's simple to restring.

Step 1: Attach safety pin to drawstring

Attach the safety pin to one end of the drawstring. Choose a pin that's long but narrow enough to fit through the opening.

TIP: If you can't find a safety pin, use a paper clip. Tie one end of the drawstring to the clip and wrap the drawstring around it so it stays attached.

Step 2: Push the safety pin into the drawstring hole

Push the safety pin through one of the drawstring holes. Use the pin as a guide and thread the string into the track or hem.

Step 3: Push safety pin through waistband

Scrunch the waistband material along as you inch the safety pin through the track. Smooth the excess fabric along the length of the drawstring as you go.

Step 4: Push string through second drawstring hole

Push the safety pin out through the other drawstring hole and smooth the track.

Step 5: Remove safety pin and tie knots in drawstring ends

Remove the safety pin and tie a knot at each end of the drawstring so it won't come out again.

Did you know? Parents are urged to remove drawstrings from children's clothes so they don't get caught and cause injury.

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