How To: Sew you own pair of easy, Victorian style bloomers

Sew you own pair of easy, Victorian style bloomers

The perfect undergarment for your Victorian costume re-creation. You don't need any pattern, just take your measurements and get a yard or so of thin, lightweight fabric. Then cut, pin, sew and finish. Your own pair of Victorian inspired bloomer pants!

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I know this is five years old, but I had to comment. I used this video today to successfully make bloomers/pantaloons. It worked perfectly.

I usually prefer to read instructions with diagrams, rather than watch a video... but with this video, I was able to watch a part and pause it while I accomplished that part.

A change I would make is to using pinking sheers to cut the raw edges and the curves. I'd also add that getting the two pieces lined up is important, but, it doesn't have to be perfectly exact (I spent too too long trying to get it all perfect).

I also added lace trim along the bottom - after making the bottom elastic casing, before fishing through the elastic.

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