How To: Thread a vintage Kenmore sewing machine

Thread a vintage Kenmore sewing machine

Using a sewing machine entails knowing how to thread it properly. This sewing how-to video demonstrates how to insert thread on a vintage Kenmore sewing machine. Follow the user's instruction below to properly thread your sewing machine.

1. Run thread through the first hook.
2. Then run it down to the tension knob.
3. With your index finger, lightly push the wire loop upward.
4. Bring the thread around around the hook. Then release the wire hook.
5. Bring the thread back up to the lever.
6. Bring the thread back down to the thread clip.
7. Bring the thread back down the needle thread clip.
8. Now insert the thread into the front of the needle.
9. Make sure to pull the thread at least 1 inches away before sewing.

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