How To: Make a trendy embroidered t-shirt with Whitney Sews

Make a trendy embroidered t-shirt with Whitney Sews

Back in the olden days, whenever we desired a nicely embroidered hankerchief or gown we'd sit by the fire with a flickering oil lamp, whittling our fingers away until the breaking hours of dawn. But nowadays, thanks to the genius of sewing machines, embroidery, even the most intricate kinds, takes far less time and midnight oil.

Watch this episode to learn how to embroider everything from t-shirts to purses using your sewing machine. You can embroider any pattern you like, and most patterns can be found online for free.

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Nice project. Could you turn the shirt around to the front and satin stitch the design in order to make the design stand out more? I will be subscribing to your channel

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