How To: Disassemble your home sewing machine for routine maintenance

Disassemble your home sewing machine for routine maintenance

Many sewing machine repairs can be made at home, and most repairs can be completely avoided through routine sewing machine maintenance. This tutorial shows you how to carefully disassemble your machine to give it a round of maintenance. You will need a screwdriver - make sure not to lose any of the screws!

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That was amazing! Been wanting to do this for a while now. Very clear, easy to learn video. Thank you!

This has given me a better understanding on the newer models of machines, I feel a little more confident in taking them apart to do some much needed cleaning! Thank you! :)

Thank you for your video. I had forgotten many things! My friend's machine needed some cleaning.

Thank you for video. I have taken my Singer 5040 apart to replace clutch plate cover but am unable to get clip off to replace. Is there a special tool needed?

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