How To: Sew on bias tape all by machine

Sew on bias tape all by machine

Check out this how-to video from to learn how to sew on bias tape all by machine but without the swearing! This bias tape sewing video was filmed all in one take--wow!

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Thank-you so much!!! I appreciate your humor and talent. I am learning to refine skills that I had learned years ago. This instruction will really make my projects look clean together.

Great video, Amy. Now I know! Do you know of a video on how to make bias binding?

excellent! now i don't have to say those terrible 4 letter words any more! :)

Very clever! You cracked me up and did a great job, too!

I have been sewing since college, over 35 year, and have never been able to figure out how to apply binding in 1 step. Thank you, thank you.

Good Imfo. I learned something new and I have been sewing for a long time.

Great job!!!

Terrific, thanks. Now I feel I can actually TRY this bias tape..

Well, aside from the fact that you sounded like a kindergarten teacher, I found your video helpful, and just completed my project with bias tape. I ,like you, don't want to pin when i don't have to, so thanks, thanks, thanks.

Brilliant! I just finished putting bias binding on three aprons, washed them before selling (phew!) and now have to re-do because I did it COMPLETELY wrong (and I've been sewing for many, many years) and now they're frayed in places. Lucky I did wash them before selling them - phew!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!! I am so impressed with your easy way of explaining. A natural born teacher.

technique (no pinning!); clear explanation and close-up shots; humor

Great job Amy!! Your video was very clear, precise and helpful. Like having my very own sewing tutor. Thanks so much!!

After over 50 years of sewing, I never knew about the logic of the uneven edges-thought it was poor workmanship! Oh if I had only known-how much easier it would have been! Thanks for a great video, and your wonderful sense of humor. I loved it!

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