How To: Tie a single-strand Ringbolt hitch knot

Tie a single-strand Ringbolt hitch knot

In this video, JD, from Tying It All Together, demonstrates how to tie a knot known as a "Ringbolt Hitch". This is also known as "coxcombing". This type of knot was once a common tie used by sailors to dress-up items and parts of their ships. When tying a wheel, a "Turk's Head" knot was used to cover the part of the wheel where the two ends of the ring bolt met, which would firm up the hitch, and help to keep the tied ends from unraveling. It is a nautical tradition to use this type of knot to mark the "king spoke" of a ship's wheel, so when this spoke is in the upright position you would know that the rudder is in the central position. Follow along with the host as he demonstrates how to create this unique, and decorative knot.

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