How To: Tie a River knot

Tie a River knot

This video from Tying It All Together demonstrates how to tie a river knot. Holding the rope in your left hand, make a loop to the right and bring the rope down so it lies over the loop. Bring it up behind and pull it through the loop. This makes a loose knot with three overlapping loops. Make another loop on the right and pull the end through the lower part of the right loop. Then make another loop on the left and pull it through the lower part of the left loop. Take the rope from the left side and pull it from the back through the lower right loop then then down through the right loop. Push the end through the right side. Repeat the process with the other rope end to make the knot symmetrical. The step-by-step instructions in this video will help you create a very complicated and beautiful river knot.

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