How To: Wind a bobbin and thread the needle on a machine

Wind a bobbin and thread the needle on a machine

Tracie Cunniliers demonstrates how to wind a bobbin and thread the needle using an automatic needle threader in 'Elna 2800'.To wind a bobbin, place a spool of thread on the holder. Place a thread holder next to the spool of thread. Take the end of the thread and wind it around the clip situated on the other side of the machine. Now take a bobbin and pull the needle through the bobbin inside-out. Now place the bobbin on the holder and click into place. Hold the end of the thread and slowly press on the foot pad to wind the bobbin for a few turns. Release the end and press the foot pad and wind the bobbin as per requirement. To remove the bobbin release the clip and cut the thread.To thread the needle wind the thread end around the long hook marked 1, then take the end downwards, wind around the hook marked 2 in front of the machine, pull the thread upwards and wind around the metal clip marked 3 next to 1, now pull downwards and place the needle in the hook just above the needle. Pull the automatic needle threader all the way down and wind the thread around the big and small hooks holding the thread taut. Now pull the needle threader up and slowly release the end of the thread. The needle is now threaded. Release the end of the thread from the hooks of the automatic threader by pull it down for easy access.To place the winded bobbin, release the button and remove the small clear window. Make sure the thread is on the left side and place it in the holder and pull the thread through the small metal hook situated on the front of the holder. Holding the end of the thread, place the window back.To prepare the machine to sew, pull the end of the thread from the needle backwards and slowly rotate the wheel of the machine using your hand, you will note that the end of the thread from the bobbin moves in and slowly comes up just in front of the needle through a small slot. Pull this end towards the back along with the end from the needle and you are now ready to sew.

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