How To: Thread a bobbin on a side threading sewing machine

Thread a bobbin on a side threading sewing machine

This video shows how to thread your bobbin on a side threading sewing machine. We start off by making sure that the needle is in the most upright position. The upper thread guide when moved to the most top of its travel, the needle is in the most upright position.Then you take the bobbin case and your bobbin. Make sure the thread is coming up over the top towards you and not underneath and over the back. Slip in the bobbin into its case, put the thread through the groove under the potential spring and that is how you thread the bobbin case. Open up the case of the machine, take the wing out which help you to hold the bobbin and slide it on to the post. The needle is placed in the upright position because it allows the hook to be routed in position, which allows easily to slide the bobbin case on to that post. If its not in that position you have trouble getting the bobbin case on. Then you hold your needle thread in one hand, turn the hand wheel towards you slowly until you make one complete revolution and needle is again in the upright position. When that happens you need to pull your needle thread and your bobbin thread comes up through the foot of the machine. Now you have both threads at the top. You take both threads push them to the back underneath the foot and you are ready to sew.

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