How To: Thread a sewing machine and wind a bobbin

Thread a sewing machine and wind a bobbin

In order to thread your sewing machine and wind a bobbin, you will need the following, a sewing machine an empty bobbin, thread, and a pedal control for your sewing machine. Choose a good quality thread. Place the thread in the holder on top of the machine. Place the cap on the end of the thread, in order to hold it in place. Loop the thread around the first guide. String the thread through the hole in the bobbin. Place the bobbin in the slot on the top of the machine. Hold the thread in you hand, while you allow the bobbin to wind, by pressing the pedal. Snip both ends of the thread. Use the main spool of thread to thread the machine. Follow the guide markings on the machine. Thread the needle. Place the bobbin in its housing. The needle will grab the bobbin thread. Pull the thread up. Now, you are ready to sew.

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