How To: Upcycle a t-shirt into a Pikachu romper

Upcycle a t-shirt into a Pikachu romper

Are you a big fan of anime and cosplay? Getting dressed up for anime conventions is super fun, but you can add to the excitement and save money by making your own costume.

In this tutorial, you'll be shown how to upcycle a plain large t-shirt into a romper. This particular video shows you how to make a Pikachu romper which goes with a Pikachu hat, but you can use the construction method for just about any costume you wish, from Snorlax to Dragonball Z.

Rompers are becoming so popular. A romper can be chic, edgy, youthful.

Satin ribbon: Hancock Fabrics
T-Shirt: Walgreens 5 for $10.00

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