How To: Cut a hooded sweatshirt

Cut a hooded sweatshirt

You love your hooded sweatshirt but starting to feel like a weak person is strangling you all day long? With a quick snip with the scissors you can have a perfectly fitting sweatshirt and never have to worry about unnecessary discomfort again.

If it feels like your hoodie is choking you, it's time to give it a little homemade alteration.
You Will Need

* A hooded sweatshirt
* A flat surface
* Scissors

Step 1: Use an old sweatshirt

Use an old hooded sweatshirt, which will look more natural with a little wear and tear. If it's new, wash and dry it a few times for a broken-in feel.
Step 2: Lay it out

Lay it out on a flat surface like a table or a floor.
Step 3: Find center

Find the center where the two sides of the neck meet and overlap slightly. Separate the two sides so you can cut directly in the middle.
Step 4: Cut a slit

Cut a small slit, about a half inch long, straight down from the center. Try it on to see if it's still too tight or if the hood doesn't lay flat.

Start with a small cut. You can always cut more but you can't uncut.
Step 5: Make a tear

Make a small tear to extend the cut for a more deconstructed or vintage look with slightly frayed edges.

Athletic wear producer Russell Corporation produced the first sweatshirt in 1926 for use in football practice, replacing itchy wool sweaters.

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