How To: Make a homemade hoodie out of an old t-shirt

Make a homemade hoodie out of an old t-shirt

This video tutorial in Arts & Crafts category will show you how to make a homemade hoodie out of an old t-shirt. Katia is presenting this video. First you cut out a T-shirt shape out of an old newspaper. You can do it freehand also. For the front piece, take the neckline down a little bit. Then draw a hood shape. To draw the neckline of the hood watch the video. So, you now have the back, front and the hood pattern pieces. Now take your t-shirt and cut it open from the side. Place the back and front patterns on it, pin it and cut it off. Cut down along the center of the front piece for the zipper. Cut off the hood from a different fabric. Now sew the hood to the back piece and then sew the side seams of the t-shirt. Then you got to sew the zipper and your hoodie is ready. You can also make pockets out of the same fabric of the hood and sew them on if you wish.

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