How To: Craft an awesome "Tron Legacy" laptop bag with EL wire

Craft an awesome "Tron Legacy" laptop bag with EL wire

Are you a "Tron" fanatic? Then this laptop case will blow your mind. Styled after the streamlined, glow-in-the-dark "Tron" cinematography, this laptop bag looks like a "Tron" suit and will shine even at night.

Tote your Thinkpad and port your Apple in style with our custom TRON-inspired laptop bag tutorial. With a little soldering and sewing skills you can have your own light up satchel, sure to impress geeky friends. So grab your sewing needle and soldering iron and follow along.

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some chicks showing me about stuff girls are not supossed to know about...

Will you make me one? I'm real good at messing things up. Will pay you?

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