How To: Make a cross stitch ornament with Needlework finisher

Make a cross stitch ornament with Needlework finisher

Beth Johnson explains how to use Needlework Finisher to turn cross stitched pieces into ornaments. Needlework Finisher comes out of the bottle as a thick, white liquid, but turns into a clear plastic coating when dry. No special equipment is required, and Beth demonstrates how to daub the Needlework Finisher onto the cross stitched items with a finger tip. She allows one side to dry before coating the other side. The "wrong" side of the cross stitch can be covered with plain fabric, by using the Needlework Finisher to glue the fabric to the back of the cross stitch. Make sure to then cover the plain back fabric with a coat of Needlework Finisher for a stiff, clean ornament. Needlework Finisher can also be used to attach small items to the ornament, such as a hanger made of ribbon.

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