How To: Turn old clothes into wine gift bags

Turn old clothes into wine gift bags

Not sure what bottle of wine to get your wine-loving friend for their birthday? Don't sweat it. Get them a wine bag, and save money by making it yourself from old clothes!! Why spend money on wine gift bags when you can craft your own from stuff you already have in your closet?

What you will need:
• A sheet of paper
• A wine bottle
• A pen
• Scissors
• 15x20 inch section of clothing
• 6x6 inch section of clothing
• Sewing pins
• A needle and thread
• Pinking shears
• 12 inch ribbon
• A sewing machine (optional)
• Glue (optional)
• Decorations (optional)

Step 1: Make pattern
Trace the bottom of the bottle onto the paper and cut out the circle to use as a pattern.

Step 2: Place bottom pattern on fabric
Place the pattern on the small square of fabric, pin it, and cut around the pattern. Then remove the paper pattern.

Step 3: Fold large fabric and sew
Fold the large piece of fabric in half length-wise, with right sides together, and sew along the long edge, making a ½-inch seam along the edge. Open the fabric into a cylinder.

Step 4: Pin round bottom piece
Pin the round bottom piece of fabric to one open edge of the cylinder, with right sides together, and sew all around the edge, making a ½-inch seam.

Step 5: Trim top edge
Turn the wine bag right side out and trim the top edge of the bag with your pinking shears to give it a finished look and to prevent fraying.

Step 6: Sew ribbon on bag
Sew the midpoint of the ribbon to the gift bag, three inches from the top edge. The two lengths of ribbon at either side of the attached point will dangle freely until you tie them around a bottle of wine.

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