How To: Tie the Trilobite decorative knot

Tie the Trilobite decorative knot

Learn the right way of tying the 'Decorative Trilobite Knot', by watching this video. Take a rope and form two bends, as shown. Now pass each bend over a hook to form two loops at the center, resembling number eight. The free end of the rope on the right side is then passed over the lower loop of the eight, to the left. The free end of the rope on the left side is then passed under the rope, just passed from the right. Thereafter, it is passed under the lower loop of the eight, and pulled through the loop created on the right side. The free ends are then twisted around each of their respective loops once. Then, they are passed through the loops on the opposite sides and twisted around the loop once. This process is repeated four times more. The initial bends passed over the hook are released, to display two loops at the top. These loops are straightened out by pulling the loop at the lower end. That completes the trilobite knot.

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