How To: Tie the Tea Cup decorative knot

Tie the Tea Cup decorative knot

If you're into arts and crafts then you know that there is more that you can do with a long piece of string than just tie your shoes. On this TyingitAllTogether video you have the opportunity to tie the teacup decorative knot using one long piece of string folded in half. The author of the video first shows you what the end product will look like then methodically begins to walk you through setting up the string in Y-configuration to "crossing each bights crook" which involves overlapping and pulling the string into a tighter formation. Next the author begins to tighten the frame for the teacup and adjusting it firmly in order to form the sides for the teacup before he begins creating the base. By trimming off the loose string the author inverts the cup by pushing the base inward to obtain the final product. So while it may require some time, practice and a lot of patience you can create a miniature teacup knot for inclusion in your arts and crafts collection.

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