How To: Sew a lined and zippered change purse or pouch

Sew a lined and zippered change purse or pouch

Start with two rectangles of fabric, both the same size. You will also need a short zipper and a few basic sewing supplies (pins and a sewing machine). Then just follow along with this video to make your own zippered change purse!

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Great video ! You showed exactly the right angles and all the right info. I see your beaded necklace too. You're a natural. Do more !!

they only thing i would suggest is using a lining that has a visual right and wrong side....but thanks because it is just what I was looking for!

Liked the tutorial but I want to put in an invisible zipper in the pouch. Will that change the instructions?

Wonderful tutorial. I have fear of zippers. This motivated me to try again!

What a great job on the video. I have always stayed away from using zippers, but your tutorial gives me hope. I'm motivated once again. Thank you so much. Looking forward to your other videos. Love the added chain and button for the zipper pull. Very creative.

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