How To: Sew elastic (polybraid & Lastin)

Sew elastic (polybraid & Lastin)

This video is a tutorial on sewing both polybraid elastic and lastin elastic. Polybraid is a very sturdy fabric elastic, while lastin is a thin, clear, very stretchy elastic, good for use in diapers. It is important to buy name brand lastin elastic to ensure good quality. When sewing polybraid elastic, tack it down with a reinforcement stitch at the beginning, and keep the presser foot down on the elastic at all times. Pull the elastic tight and hold it in place while sewing. Make the stitches as long as possible to give the elastic maximum stretch, and do another reinforcement stitch at the end. When sewing lastin elastic make the reinforcement stitch without pressure, and lower the pressure in the presser foot as well. Here again, keep the presser foot down on the elastic, stretch and hold the elastic and sew with a long stitch, reinforcing at the end.

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