How To: Paint on a t-shirt

Paint on a t-shirt

Learn how to 'Paint onto your T-Shirt' by watching this video. Materials required for this include the following:•Marabu Textil Plus Start Kit – 6 colors included with paint brush•Marabu Metallic Outliner Paints•Crocodile clips•Masking tape•Pencil•Design printed from the computer•Tracing paper•A large cardboard wrapped in cling film•A dark colored T- ShirtBegin by placing a tracing paper over the design and secure it to the table using masking tape. Next, use a pencil to trace the design on the tracing paper. Place the cardboard wrapped in cling film, inside the T-shirt and fasten it using crocodile clips. Now flip the tracing paper over so that the design is facing down. Next, place it at the appropriate area of the T-shirt and fasten using masking tape. Now trace the design on this side of the paper so that the impression is formed on the T-shirt. Use the Marabu textile paints and paint the colors of your choice on to the design traced. Once completed, let it dry for an hour. Next, use a Marabu metallic liner and outline the contours of the design. Let it dry for six hours. Reverse iron the design to let it fix on to the T-shirt. Your self painted T-shirt is now ready for use.

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