How To: Make a Voodoo Pincushion Doll for Valentine's Day Angst

Make a Voodoo Pincushion Doll for Valentine's Day Angst

Searching for a Valentine's Day gift? Great. That means you have someone to share V-Day with this coming Monday.  And you want to get the best gift to show your love. But c'mon—no matter what you get, it's probably enough to woo your lover over, even if it's as simple as a battery and magnet.

But how about this year, instead of searching for great gifts ideas to get your lover in the sack on Valentine's Day, what do you say we do something different?

Give a Valentine's Day gift to someone without a significant other... someone not as lucky as you.

Yes, think of all those lost souls without someone special. What do they need on V-Day? The answer? A way to vent their anger and frustration at being single. And nothing beats IndieSpotting's "Valentine" the Voodoo Doll.

How to Make a Voodoo Pincushion Doll for Valentine's Day Angst

Meet Valentine.  He's the patron saint of romance-resisting, Hallmark-hating, Cupid-cursing folks everywhere.  Spending this Valentine's Day single?  Betrayed by a beau?  Or maybe your troubles aren't strictly romantic.  Perhaps you were passed over for that latest promotion at work?  Fear not.  Valentine the Voodoo Pincushion to the rescue!  Hey, we all need a bright and fuzzy outlet for our pent-up aggressions now and again, don't we?  Check out the super easy and fun instructions and make your own Valentine!

Materials Needed

  • Felt in the colors of your choice
  • Embroidery floss in white and contrasting colors of choice
  • Stuffing, i.e. polyester fiberfill
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Two buttons
  • Template for voodoo doll (here's the downloadable template)
  • Freezer paper and permanent marker

How to Make a Voodoo Pincushion Doll for Valentine's Day Angst


Nobody can tell you better than IndieSpotting themselves.  For the full, detailed tutorial on making this Valentine Voodoo Doll, go to:

Make Valentine the Voodoo Pincushion

How to Make a Voodoo Pincushion Doll for Valentine's Day Angst

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The template page does not work

Looks the entire site it was hosted on is gone, and I can't find any replacement templates online. Just a cached version on Google without the actually outlines. If anyone can find one, post it in the comments for those who need it.

Bring the photo up on your computer screen, slap some paper over it, trace. Enlarge or reduce to suit your needs.


This is a very simple outline. Draw half of a simple body shape, fold paper and cut out. There's no right or wrong here because the two parts only have to match each other in a pancake-type doll. HTH

I copied the doll shape to WORD, enlarged it, put a piece of paper up to my pc screen, then traced it. traced it on a folded piece of fleece, pinned the fleece together so the 2 sides wouldn't slip, then cut both sides of doll at same time so they would be identical.

p.s. any project that asks for felt, i use fleece because i have 6 boxes of fleece i got for free. works just as good as felt and is softer.

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