How To: Make a pocket wallet out of recycled blue jeans

Make a pocket wallet out of recycled blue jeans

Digsart demonstrates how to make a wallet from a pair of blue jeans. First, with a pair of scissors he cuts out the back pocket of the jeans. You can paint the pocket with acrylic paint to give it a more sturdy feel. Once they are painted, he dries them out by placing them on plastic bottles. Once the paint is dry, he cuts a slit in the middle of the pocket, creating two sides for change and bills. Then, using a hot glue gun and Velcro, he glues the Velcro patches onto the pocket. Once the Velcro is in place he hot glues the other end of the pocket shut. The wallet is now finished, but he demonstrates the use of glitter and patches to spice them up. Digsart explains that you can give these to friends and family for special occasions such as X-mas or birthdays.

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