How To: Make a mermaid tail

Make a mermaid tail

This arts and crafts video teaches us how to make a mermaid tail in minutes. Our instructor tells us how she got requests for this after people saw her video, in which she swims in a mermaid tale. To make the mermaid tale, find some stretchy pants. Any pants that are light and are able to stretch will work. Do not use jeans. To make the tale, you put one leg in one hole of the pants, and then you put your other leg in the same hole. Next, take the other leg of your pants, wrap it around your waist, and tuck it in. You can add scuba style flippers to your feet to finish the tale. But, if you don't have flippers, you can simply hang the end over your feet. And that's how to very easily make a mermaid tail!

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