How To: Make half square triangle quilted coasters

Make half square triangle quilted coasters

In this episode of the Crafty Gemini Show you'll learn some quilting basics and make a small project out of what you learn. You'll be run through some quilting terminology, including what a pieced quilt is, what quilt blocks are, and how to make half-square triangle block units using a super easy method where you can make two blocks at once.

You'll also be shown how to take two half-square triangle block units and a piece of batting and turn it into a fabric coaster! These pieced fabric coasters are a great beginner project whether you are learning how to sew or learning how to quilt. Anyone can make these. Happy sewing!

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this is a great walkthrough. thank you so much. ive been putting off starting to quilt, because i didnt really get the "blocks". but you totally broke it down for me so i understood. love it! thanks so much!

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