How To: Make a denim skirt from jeans

Make a denim skirt from jeans

Vicky Taylor from The Crafts Channel teaches us how to transform an old pair of jeans to a trendy denim mini skirt. Get a pair of denim jeans and cut the front side from the end of the zipper downwards to the crotch. Do the same at the back making sure that it is at the same length on the front. Measure the length of the skirt you wanted. Cut it off and make sure they are the same length. Overlap the flaps created at the front and stitch them together. There will be a triangular open part at the bottom. To patch this part using the leftover cloth that was cut off a while ago. Trace the triangular part to know how much cloth to use. Cut it and sew it on the open part. Flip the skirt and overlap the back similar to the front side and stitch them together. Patch the open triangular part at the bottom just like what was done on the front side. Stitch the hem of the skirt to finish it. You now have a new skirt from old denim jeans. Follow these simple steps and you can revive your old pair of jeans and turn them into something new and trendy, saving you lots of money and having fun in the process.

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