How To: Make bows for your hair

Make bows for your hair

Learn how to tie a perfect bow. To do a basic pony bow, place the gathered hair in the center of the ribbon and tie a single knot to secure it. Making two loops, cross one loop over the other and pull the loop on top through the hole you've created. Straighten out the ends and tighten so the two loops are on top and the two tails on bottom. Make a headband bow. Run the ribbon along the hairline, drawing the ends up on top of your head. Secure a knot and tie a bow. By tweaking the loops out a bit, you can shorten the tails and create a wider bow for a headband: slide it slightly to the side so the bow is off center, and you will be the biggest hit of the season. Create lasting bow accessories. Taking your favorite ribbon, tie a knot and tighten it completely, then tie a bow on top of that. Make sure it's tight and precisely the length and size you want it. Taking a plain headband or barrette (hair clip), determine the best placement for the bow. For a headband, it should be off center, but not so far down it flops over. For a hair clip, it should be centered. Glue it in place using fabric or hot glue. Leave it alone until it dries completely, then wear with style!

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