How To: Create a sexy Poison Ivy costume for Halloween

Create a sexy Poison Ivy costume for Halloween

Before Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan there was the original "Batman" with with George Clooney as the masked hero and Uma Thurman as the villainous Poison Ivy. While the movie is ranked as one of the worst superhero flicks of all time, Uma Thurman's getup was probably one of the most fascinating and beautiful superhero costumes we've ever seen.

With vines covering her body and a super contouring body suit that reveals just enough skin to tempt and ensnare, Thurman's costume was sexy and wicked all at once. To learn how to make a variation on her costume for Hallowee, take a peek at this video.

Fabrics: JoAnn
Elastic: Hancock Fabrics
Leaves: Michaels
Lace: Wal-Mart
Wig: Amazon

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